You are not alone. We are here to help with your journey towards a brighter future


You are not alone. We are here to help with your journey towards a brighter future

Are you struggling?
Do you need help?
Do you just want someone to talk to?

SAMHA’s low-threshold guidance and counseling services are intended primarily for immigrants who have difficulty understanding the decisions and applications of various authorities.

We offer help in situations where the client does not get help from elsewhere or does not trust that his or her affairs will be handled fairly.

Beyond this we assist clients in several different ways which can be divided between individual sessions and group sessions.

SAMHA – Substance Abuse and Mental Health Association

  • Visbynkuja 2, 00930 Helsinki


Lu-Je 10:00 - 16:00
Sa-Di Réservé aux groupes
  • +358 446 880 6319
  • mustafa.adel@samha.fi
  • Suomi, العربية, English
  • +358 446 880 6319
  • tariq.omar@samha.fi
  • Suomi, English

For individuals we often help in the following ways:

  • Filling out Kela applications, and understanding Kela’s decisions.
  • Assisting with TE paperwork and understanding TE’s decisions.
  • Finding an apartment, understanding lease contracts, and how to form them.
  • Migri applications, and understanding Migri’s decisions, and the best application for each situation.
  • Finding the right center to receive medical care for substance abuse and mental health issues.
  • Mental Support (i.e., listening to your situation, and helping you to find the way forward).
  • Banking issues, helping you understanding Finnish online banking and how the banking system works.
  • Assisting in understanding any bureaucratic challenge an individual might have (such as understanding a work contract, or how something works in Finland).

For groups, we organize different events, meetings, and counseling sessions that may cover the following topics:

  • Understanding mental health and substance abuse medical resources, stigma, and basic knowledge (Koutsi Hanke).
  • Peer support groups where members can feel safe and discuss anything.
  • Understanding how to write a CV and have a successful job interview in Finland
  • Understanding your basic rights in Finland and equal access to services.
  • Language practice groups, where group members can get comfortable practicing a language (Finnish or English typically).
  • Youth groups: student groups that work on their studies and homework together.

Substance Abuse and Mental Health info

SAMHA works to prevent substance abuse and mental health challenges in the foreign or foreign background communities in Finland