Join our Peer Support Groups to gain your own support network.


Join our Peer Support Groups to gain your own support network.


Our peer support groups are held weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly for your convenience. We currently offer four types of groups in two meeting modes: offline and online. Each group has a facilitator/leader who is there to support you and ensure that the group is going well. Our Peer Support groups are currently held in English in the Uusimaa region. If there is the need for groups to be held in another language we can offer this as well. All of the groups are anonymous and we do not ask for personal information. Participants mutually agree to keep the group discussions private, and keep the groups respectfully and inclusive.

The four types of groups we offer are:

  • Psychological Support
  • Substance Abuse/Addiction Support
  • Support Group for the loved ones of an Addict
  • Support Group for the loved ones of a Mentally Ill person

Our Support Groups are a great way to not only make friends in Finland, but to gain a valuable support network of people who can relate to you, and support you in times of need.

We are a safe space for everyone, no matter their background or who they are. We feel that everyone deserves the chance to succeed, and to flourish in life.

At present, our second round of peer-support groups is taking place. Therefore, sign-up for this activity is not possible at the moment. After the Summer, we will open the sign-up again and organize another round of peer-support groups. 

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Saturdays and Sundays reserved to groups.
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Seeking help for mental health challenges

If you are struggling with your mental health get in touch with us. Many people suffer from mental illness. You are not alone. We are here for you. Contact or come to visit us, we will listen to your story and find a way to help you overcome your challenges.


Coaching program: the journey to wellbeing, community trust and integration

Grow your knowledge on mental health and substance abuse, and how you can help others! Check out our coaching program. Look at our calendar to see our next coaching group and sign up!


Food Aid

Every Tuesday at 15.00 we provide food aid at our Itäkeskus office location. We provide roughly 100 bags every week.

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Substance Abuse and Mental Health info

At SAMHA, we are here to listen to you, to guide you, and to advocate for you.